How to trade the overs market

How to trade the overs market

Hey Betting Nation, so a lot of have been asking about how I trade the overs market, so I thought id spend a couple of hours detailing how I trade the overs market in this mini guide.
We do have a podcast episode on this, heres the link –
So here we go … Let me know if this helps –
As of the 27th February 2018 in the Premier League 2017 – 2018 season –
92% of games have 1 or more goals scored
74% of games have 2 or more goals scored
51% of games have 3 or more goals scored
31% of games have 4 or more goals scored
15% of games have 5 or more goals scored
Its really interesting stuff reading those stats isn’t it. We don’t have to do a lot to be profitable!
With this trading strategy … The Super Duper Goals Strategy ? … We would expect to have a profitable trade at least 80% of the time, with time and experience you would be looking for at least a 90% success rate.
Super Duper Goal Scoring Strategy … Yep thats the official name ?
– So Firstly we find a match where we expect goals goals goals!
– We focus on the over 2.5 goals or over 1.5 … For this example we are looking at over 1.5 goals
– I look at the teams in question previous games, I look at the home sides last 5 home games and I look at the away sides last 5 away games … Im looking for goals in these matches
– If its a league game we are looking at, I focus on the previous league games. I don’t take into consideration the the cup games.
– The very last thing I do is I log on to, it is a paid for website but it is well worth it and if you put in the discount code thebettingguy at check out you get 20% off.
– On football form labs I look to see how the teams in question have played against a similar rivals. For example if the home side is a top 6 side and the away side is a bottom 6 team I want to see how each teams preforms against similar rivals … These reports are so effective and easy to create.
– So many people leave this last criteria out … We must compare like for like. Put in the extra effort that 99% of people arent willing to do … This will elevate your results to the top 1%
Entry Points –
– Split your stake into 4 quarter
– So, £100 becomes 4 X £25 stakes
– We do not enter the market before the game kicks off… Waiting gives us the edge
– We check our notes before entering … i.e. At what time does the home and away team score the majority of their opening goals (simple stats easy to find) … Let these stats guide you to an entry point/time…. Remember the worst that can happen by entering to late is there is a goal and we don’t trade, meaning we don’t win but more importantly we don’t lose
– We enter the market when the game is hotting up i.e. the first significant attacking play … If aligned with our notes on the game
– We then enter the market by backing over 1.5 goals for 25% of our stake … i.e £25 if our full stake is £100
– We then place the other remaining back bets in the market every 0.25 of a point
– So for example if our first quarter entered the market at 1.5 our orders would look like this –
Back £25 at 1.5
Back £25 at 1.75
Back £25 at 2
Back £25 at 2.26 (can’t do 2.25)
Exit Strategy –
– Goal scored – We exit for a level stake profit
– If there is no goal around the 75th minute exit for a loss … It does happen. Pre define you exit point and STICK TO IT! It doesnt have to be the 75th minute it can be before .. But please stick to it and take the red … Discipline as ever is key!
Hope this helps Betting Nation, its a simple strategy that lots of people exicute very successfully … Have a play around with it but remember keep stakes small until you feel confident.
Lots of man love

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Ian Roberts says:

I’ve tried this tonight for the first time on the Bournemouth & Palace game
O2.5 traded @1.8, I got in the market with £25 @1.85
£25 unmatched at 2.1
£25 unmatched at 2.35
£25 unmatched at 2.6
On 5 mins Bournemouth score. The odds drop to 1.36 & I should have cashed out my total bet and that’s it. I delete the rest of the bets.
What does level stakes profit mean?

Dean Booty says:

Hey Ian,
Yep thats right buddy, soon as there is a goal get out the market for a profit.
Level stake just means what ever the outcome of the match the profit is exactly the same

Ian Roberts says:


I need to tap into your expertise again here fella

I drip backed the Chelsea & Spurs game last night
£10 @2.1
£10 @2.34
£10 @2.6

Goal lands and I get offered £8.60 cash out. That’s 29% of what I have invested.

I see you do the same thing on Twitter

You get £225 of £300 down and I see you get £117. That’s 52% of your invested stake.

What am I doing wrong or what else are you doing that’s enhancing your return?????

Appreciate all the advice you can give me fella

Dean Booty says:

Hey Ian, Great question buddy … its all about your entry point … I didnt enter until it was around 6/4. I didnt feel there was a goal in the first 8 minutes and tehn something happened … cant remember what it was … Maybe a shot on target or a chance etc and thats when I entered … i dont really enter the markets before 10 minutes has been played … unless its looking very likely there will be a goal

If a goal happens before im in the market … no problem its a no trade … I dont win but more importantly I dont lose.

So the only difference was the time we entered

Cheers buddy