How to Trade The Overs Goal Markets On Betfair

How to Trade The Overs Goal Markets On Betfair

Im really excited for this episode!! As you know I trade a lot on football matches and I get a lot of questions regarding this. 

So in this episode I give you the outline for one of the most popular football trading strategies out there …. The Super Duper Goal Scoring Strategy … Ok thats not the name but its the name I use in this podcast 🙂 … Trading over 1.5 goals (this also works on over 2.5 goals as well). 

Hope you enjoy this episode Betting Nation … Dont forget to screen shot me some winners 🙂 

Happy trading … Lots of man love 


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Anto says:

Dean thanks so much for taking the time to share this strategy it is greatly appreciated!

I use my iPad & phone for most of my trading and was wondering could you recommend any apps or websites that are good for researching stats etc? Finally you mention that you follow some good traders on Twitter would you mind letting us know who they are?

Thank you…