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Betting nation!

Firstly let me say a heart felt Thank You to you for clicking the email, I can promise you myself and the team have put everything in to making this software the best on the planet!

So as you know I have been talking about this elusive software for months now and if I’m honest there have been times when I actually thought this day would never come BUT.. 

I type that with a HUGE smile on my face … Its finally here ….THE SOFTWARE IS COMPLETE!!  I’ve been literally dying to say those words! Wow felt GOOD!

As I’ve said many many times I always want to over deliver on what you expect, want and need. This software mirrors exactly that. We have teamed up with the leading names in the business including Betfair and The Racing Post to bring you the most comprehensive data and information possible … In fact the data alone is costing us well in excess of 5 figures every year. I can promise you there is no other In Play Software on the market that has the same data, information and capability as we do!
Below is a little glimpse of what the software can do for you.

The Software

The software is split into two sections:

Section 1: The in play finder​

The ability to find and list D.O.Bs / In Play trades. You can simply search the days races for horses that meet your specific criteria you set. The software will then list every horse running that day that meets your needs and filters …

Best of all its so easy to use!

Section 2: The Bot​

The ability to place your trades through a Betfair Approved and licensed BOT. You can simply set your trades with a couple of clicks and forget them. Set and Forget, sounds easy right, well it is.

The software will place your opening trade/bet in the market at the specific time you select, it will also place your lay bet (closing trade) in the market for your desired profit. Easy Peasy!

*Not Mac compatible

Designed with 2 main objectives


Making finding an In Play Trades easy with a click of a button. The software has the ability to search and use many criteria's including historical Betfair prices, Betfair Data and tonnes of Racing Post Information at a click of a button. Giving you a list of horses that meet your specific criteria, pretty cool right?!


The ability to set and forget your trades. The amount of trades I missed because of work commitments is just untrue. I just couldn’t sit on my computer all afternoon and wait for the races to start, it almost made it a full time job, just sitting and waiting. I had to make finding a solution for this issue one of my primary objectives.We have partnered with one of the countries leading approved Betfair Vendors. We have the ability to set and forgot our trades, we can input the trade in to the BOT anytime of the day and the BOT will execute the trade at the desired time automatically - NO more sitting and waiting for the races to start, Set and Forget. It really is as simple as that!

Just writing the content on this page is making me feel so excited and nervous all at the same time … I can not wait to hear your feedback. Anyway back to the reason you have come to this page.

Secure your access & lock in your price forever!

When you click the button below to sign up you are guaranteed access to the Software and the Bot from Friday the 7th September … The process takes 48 hours from sign up to granted access to the Bot. Betting Nation I am quite aware that without you, this would have never have happened so I am giving you guys a special discount that’s only available for 48 hours.


£ 27
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6 Month

£ 135
006 Monthly
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  • Normal price £235
  • 6 monthly recurring
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12 Month

£ 243
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  • Normal price ‎£423
  • Annual recurring
  • Locked in rates
Most value
Best of all, you will be grandfathered in to that price … FOREVER. This basically means for as long as your a member you will never pay anymore!! All I ask in return is you give me honest feedback to help improve the software and a review if you feel it worthy 😃
** Sunday 3pm the launch prices will be gone forever! **
As you know we currently have 246 on our waiting list and only have 200 licences available, but please dont worry as I am doing my damnedest to fix this and to get more licenses to make sure we can accommodate everyone!

Thank you so much Betting Nation … The wait is nearly over and I for one can not wait! … Lets Doo Thiss!!
Lots of Betting Man Love
PS – I Blooming love you guys … Thanks for been apart of this journey! You guys are awesome!